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2016-17 School Year in Review

As the 2016-17 school year comes to an end (incredible!), the Tiger Prep board would like to thank parents, teacher, administrators, and community members who participated in the following:

August Kick Off Event

September Life Planning Seminar

Fall Parents Survey

January Parents Meeting

March Parents Q & A Session with Asst Superintendent Lisa Shannon

Parent feedback on temporary Intermediate School on 7-12 campus

May Parents Q & A Session with Asst Superintendent Lisa Shannon

Tiger Prep is pleased to announce the following grants/sponsorships awarded this school year:

Aid Support for a Summer Arts Program

One Vote Chagrin (levy campaign)

Difference Makers Ceremony

Gurney Preschool – Stretch ‘N Grow program

Tiger Prep Board member Steve Thompson has also been working hard on the following initiative:

Collaboration with Chagrin Falls Schools Administrators and High School staff on a MS/HS “School Store” to benefit students including those with special needs.


Looking ahead, Tiger Prep intends to build on a positive first year as a new school support organization. We hope parents will join us in our efforts to support students with special needs and their families.

Many thanks to Roseanne Feeney and Steve Bull for their contribution of significant time and expertise!

Contact us at any time at and thank you for your involvement!

Upcoming Event:  Wed. May 10, 6pm – 7pm, Sands Community Room

Parent Question & Answer Session Related to Special Education and Struggling Students with Asst. Superintendent Lisa Shannon and Tiger Prep.

Tiger Prep is pleased to offer parents of students at all grade levels this opportunity to ask questions concerning any aspect of special education at Chagrin Falls Schools.  Tiger Prep President Steve Thompson will facilitate this one hour session.

If you have any questions about this event, please email us at

March 10, 2017

Tiger Prep is pleased to report that its March 7 Parent Forum for Struggling Students was a big success. Assistant Superintendent Lisa Shannon gave a presentation and took questions and feedback from parents on special education topics of interest including transition and supports for executive function, social skills, and sensory needs. Many thanks to the parents who attended a lively and informative forum! Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we will repeat this event.

You can view Assistant Superintendent Shannon’s PowerPoint here.

Feel free to email us at for more information or to learn more about getting involved with Tiger Prep.

January 17 Parent Gathering Recap

Tiger Prep board members, parents, and Sharon Broz, the liaison for the Chagrin Falls Schools Board of Education attended a small but very informative and lively gathering.

Steve Thompson, TP Board President, updated the group on what Tiger Prep has accomplished in the first half of the 2016-17 school year in terms of grant-making, programming, and membership efforts.

Steve also shared two exciting initiatives that are in-the-works. First, Tiger Prep plans to be involved in the development of a school store in the High School. This would be a collaborative effort that would involve parents, staff, administration, and students. It would be very student driven and would offer an opportunity for students of all types to build a variety of skills ranging from entrepreneurial and vocational, to social. While there is much to be done to turn this vision into reality, there is commitment from key staff, administrators and Tiger Prep.

Next, Tiger Prep is pleased to announce that we will have a facilitated forum for parents, with Lisa Shannon, Assistant Superintendent, who heads up special education services for Chagrin. This will take place on Tuesday, March 7, 6:30 p.m., Sands Community Center. Transition (year-to-year, building-to-building) and other topics of interested will be covered. More information to come on this opportunity.

Board members were eager to hear ideas and feedback the from parents in attendance, and were thrilled with the constructive dialogue. Because Tiger Prep is a new support organization, it needs to work hard to build its parent membership. Parents of children with challenges need to derive a substantial benefit from membership in Tiger Prep so they will be willing and excited to put in the time and effort to make Tiger Prep a valuable support organization to the school community. Parents’ ideas pertaining to “value for members” included offering members networking and mentoring opportunities. Other terrific ideas included linking new-to-the-district-parents of students with needs to Tiger Prep, and having the school website include specific information on special education services.

If you have any questions, want to offer your input, or are interested in getting involved with Tiger Prep, please contact us. To be successful, we need you parents! We need many different levels and types of involvement, and we promise to be sensitive to how busy parents are. Please email us at:

Thanks to all who attended!


Thank you to everyone who attended our free Fall speaker panel on October 5:
“Planning for the Child with Special Needs”!
Attorney Shannon Hoch and Financial Planner Kenneth Vinikoff facilitated a lively and highly informative discussion with parents. We believe this event was such a success we will be offering it again in the future.

Thank you to the many Chagrin parents (over 120 of you!) who participated in our November Parent Survey. We wanted to learn from parents what they want from a school support organization for students with challenges, and we received really helpful input. We plan to use your opinions and ideas as a guide for future events and programming. Additionally, we heard parents loud and clear: the vast majority find evenings most convenient for meetings and events, so this is when we will be scheduling most things.


Tiger Prep, a school support organization, seeks to prepare students with learning and other challenges for adulthood. We believe the best outcomes take place when there is collaboration between school, home and the community. Please check us out and get involved!

For more information on Tiger Prep and any event, please contact us at: info@tigerprep.orgbr>r>