Club Connect

Club Connect
About Club Connect
By, Evan Hardacre, Club Connect President (2018-19)
Club Connect was created during the 2017-18 school year by students. The goal was to promote an inclusive accepting school community, by making connections with all students of all abilities who may or may not come in contact with one another throughout the school day.
Activities include, but are not limited to: hanging out and talking about what is happening in our community or surrounding communities; building projects/arts; listening to music; conversing with others; doing different “getting to know you” types of activities to make new friends within the school community; going on field trips with friends; signing up to have friends to attend any school events with; and playing physical fitness types of games and sports in the gym for fun that are adapted for all to participate fully.
Connect students also have the opportunity to work in Tiger Perk Coffee shop together doing community service. Students can attend meetings and field trips whenever they are free and can work it around another activity. Connect encourages everyone to join this welcoming community.
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If you are a Chagrin High School student, and want to learn more or join Club Connect.
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